1.0, 1.5, 1.0 Again? RF Online Returns

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The European Community manager of RF Online is having a bad time. The Berlin OnNet team, after over a year of trying to release the new version RF Online tried desperately to overcome many obstacles, alone: ​​The new version 1.5 was buggy, it was leaked before the official release by hackers that operated on a private server and never satisfied the still large community in the area. In addition, the developerm CCR did not seem to solve any of the problems in the situation. So in response to demands from the community CCR is now working on version 1.0 anew. This is now in a beta test. At the same time OnNet limited access to the servers to Europeans only, so that there is no rush of Southeast Asian pro players entering. It is therefore to be assumed that OnNet will discontinue the 1.5 version in the near future, the parallel operation appears absurd in fact. RF Online was originallly some years ago published by Codemasters, then still as a subscription model game. RF-Online is a Sci-fi title that 3 different races Accretia, Bellato and Cora can compete against each other in the fictional Novus galaxy.

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