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Brawler. Until today I did not know what a Brawler was. I also certainly did not know what an online multiplayer brawler was. Under this genre, according to press, includes the new (Attention) online multiplayer brawler Lost Saga that has begun its open beta today. If you download the client you can select you character to see how they measure up in a PvP battle with other players from 100 different characters from Sci-Fi, Fantasy and culture. There are different modes, such as Boss Raid, conquest, deathmatch or prisoners mode. Thanks to a character swap system you may change character, thus ensuring rapid change in tactics and combo attacks in the middle of your battle.


Lost Saga Screenshot

As of April 30 additional characters from classic games like King of Fighters or BazBlue may also be implemented in Lost Saga. To this end, various competitions have been announced with the chance of an ingame currency if you wanted to, for example, decorate your Facebook profile picture with a game character then it is up to you :)

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