Age of Wulin Expansion Arrives 6th of May

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The Age of Wulin expansion Immortal Legends German, French and English servers will open on the 6th of May. Part of the new features is Youyun, a new battlefield for up to 96 players. And of course, we have new screenshots for you:

age of Wulin immortal legends

age of Wulin immortal legends

Participation in the battlefield of the Sixteen Prefectures of Youyun leads players directly to the center of the Mongol invasion of China. Unite yourselves to one side in the conflict, to fight on either side of the Mongolian army or the military of the Ming Dynasty. Depending on the level of the internal martial arts, players are divided into one of three groups – beginner, intermediate or experienced. This list of the battlefield allows players to participate in the intense PvP action, regardless of their experience level.

The battlefield is divided into two phases – the preparation phase and the combat phase. During the preparation of players can take part in various tasks, such as escorts, boss battles and raids in stock, the result of each task strongly influences the subsequent phase. The goal of the combat phase is to take the enemy’s barracks, to defeat the officers and kill the general. To be victorious, the attacking team has different tactics to apply to the extensive planning and Tricks list. Once the enemy camp  isoccupied and the enemy general is killed, the battle is over, and players get the coveted rewards.

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