Archlord 2 Registration Phase for the Closed Beta has Begun

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Coming after the Webzen announcement around two weeks ago where the closed beta for Archlord 2 was mentioned it is now possible to pre-register for the aforementioned CB! If you are registered with Gpotato or Webzen you can use either of these accounts. All others can create an account via a new registration tool on Facebook. Also to schedule – Webzen has given us something concrete after 2 weeks prior news was brought of a closed beta being released in the summer being their planned release of June 2014 which was being called the starting point of the closed beta. Those who incidentally logged in the last three months of operation to the previous game will get a guaranteed CB access. “As way of honoring the commitment of the community of Archlord” it says in the accompanying press release (evil tongues assuming this is directed at the previous Whales in the new title ;) ). PvP battles by the way should be able to accommodate up to 400 players and that’s really going to be making for an exciting time. Here now for your enjoyment, thought, is gameplay footage of a level 11 female orc doing her thing, enjoy:  

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