Atlantica Online is Now Available in English with New Features

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The MMORPG Atlantica Online is receiving a feature update with new maps, character and dungeons. In addition, Luxembourg-based European daughter of the publishing giant Nexon is providing an English-speaking server.

atlantica online

Me likey.

The next highlight is a available from level 30, a new main character:  The Tribal Huntress Belissa makes her debut. Available to all players Belissa has high levels of aggression and accuracy and her faithful bow can hit three enemies with a single attack.

Also, a new continent waiting to be explored – South America, has opened up. The continent united the civilizations of the Maya, Inca and the Amazons and thus provides an impressive backdrop for many exciting adventures. Players with level 30 to 60 can expect to raid famous dungeons such as Chichen Itza, Machu Picchu, and El Dorado. In addition, there an update to the very first rank S mercenary named “Quilla”, which will be available together with the new raid dungeon “Golden Empire Defence” for high-level players.

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