Dragon Nest Europe Celebrates its first Birthday! Celebrates with Updates, Crazy Duck.

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Have you heard of Dragon Nest? You should have. The massively famous, massively multiplayer ORPG/ubiquitous korean export, Dragon Nest has dominated markets around the world (despite being free) and on March 12th 2014, in Eschborn, Germany, Dragon Nest will be happily celebrating it’s 1st year of European occupation.



To celebrate, Dragon Nest Europe states that the gaming juggernaught will be releasing on to European heroes up to 16 event boxes that will automatically be delivered to their mailboxes. The boxes contain contain special titles and gestures including the equally world dominating Korean dance craze: Gangnam Style.

A Gangnam Style dance gesture will be released as part of the celebrations.

A Gangnam Style dance gesture will be released as part of the celebrations.


DNEU reports that the Crazy Duck is also back:

“– hunting it down will reward players with letters spelling out the sentence “I <3 DNEU”. Everyone who untangles the letter salad will get limited pet accessories as well as an anniversary base cap for their character “

Other Updates

On top of all the birthday events, there is another content update in Dragon Nest Europe. Shanda Games International Europe is introducing four new dungeons – the Miracle Altar Area, the Madman’s Laboratory, Jasmine’s Intruder Base and the Tel Noir Temple – and new costumes and talismans. However, that is still not all: The next months will keep the exciting updates coming. Dragon Nest Europe will soon patch the fiercest boss yet – the Desert Dragon. Only the toughest and most experienced dragon hunters will manage to defeat it.



Happy Birthday DNEU!


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