Expansion to Age of Wulin: Coming in May

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Age of Wulin is getting a new extension in May: Immortal Legends. The core feature of the expansion is a new mentoring system that allows new players and Age of Wulin veterans to join together and become “Martial Arts Brothers” to gain experience and receive special advantages. Specifically, this means: Characters progress significantly faster and with less effort. The entrance to the Wuxia World is therefore much easier.

To become martial arts brothers, players must meet certain criteria, for example, belong to the same school, or have made certain progress in the internal martial arts. The mentor, called the “Senior brother” in the game can teach up to two younger brothers at the same time.

Age of Wulin Immortal Legends

At the beginning of the training the apprentice will be able to choose one internal martial art in which he or she would like to be informed. Through diligent training – or to be exact every 5 levels up to level 25, both apprentice and mentor will receive valuable rewards. During the training players can get more items for completing weekly quests that involve espionage and the younger brother also gets a life and defence boost while the older brother is online.

The students will receive after completing the training a discount on the cost of the next internal martial arts. The mentor will also then be able to accrue important reputation points and a huge amount of culture points.

Happy training y’all!

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