Happy Tribes is coming!

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Happy Tribes will be out and free to play for Android and iOS in April! The idea is that your character exists in the world of Happy Tribes growing and bonding with other tribesmen and tribeswomen while interacting with the local fauna: Minis. You can of course let your Minis fall in love and have babies as well as help them defend against the vile monsters that roam and terrorise [FA_Lite id="31"] [FA_Lite id="31"] the world.

For a happy tribe they sure do look angry!

The game is made more fun with your mates so tell your friends via facebook and you can all keep tabs on each others progress! There are lots of rewards and events to keep players interested with daily attendance rewards, item exchange events, shop discounts for new players and many more.

So this April if you’re looking to get at least something produced by 5 o’clock then sign up for Happy Tribes and you can get some extra living done.

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