Herokon Online: Facebook Version has arrived!

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Aventuria has opened it’s borders to Facebook! The Dark Eye MMORPG Herokon Online can now be played via Facebook. Beginners and Veterans alike can now easily connect with their friends in search of adventures and immerse themselves in the game world (links and pics after the drop).


With a quick conversion system means you keep your progress no matter what platform you’re playing form!

The app counterpart boasts all the  functionality of the browser game. Players who signed up through the Herokon Online website and Facebook players can now team up and enjoy Aventuria together!

With this announcement comes also the news of Herokon’s expansion 2 new dungeons containing all new enemies! Old Ugdalf, recently rediscovered and opened by some unsuspecting construction workers and Tanmaurek, a foreboding forest that within its heart lie secrets of this incredible mystery!


Play this game for free at:


and now


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