iOS version of Evolution: Battle for Utopia, Reviewed!

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Since yesterday, the Action RPG Evolution: Battle for Utopa for iOS has been available to download. Based on a sci-fi scenario game that was released two weeks ago already in Russia, the home of the publisher, Mail.RU.

Evolution: Battle for Uforia

The story is simple: Set in the year 2135, players have to find out why the former paradise Utopia has transformed into a desolate wilderness. After the initial launch sequence you can see a sort of dungeon in which you – assisted by an Aibo-like robot pooch – have to massacre nasty alien spiders.

I can sit AND shoot things!

This all happens whilst in a 3D environment in which you can not move, it’s a regular Sandbox scenario, but it’s funny to eliminate the agressor critters. Highlight: the Vocoded “WoofWoofWoof” at the beginning of each fight from Fido is in and of itself, a fantastic draw point. Here gameplay became difficult as I started laughing on the floor. As the spiders, snakes and other individuals completed and collected, the crew of the crashed spaceship called: Time to build a base.

Evolution: Battle for Uforia

From the first impressions, my thoughts are that “Evolution: Battle for Utopia” in an entertaining mix of Command & Conquer, Duke Nukem coupled with an Aibo dog. Maybe not for hardcore gamers, but for an entertaining way to pass the time on newer iOS devices it is as good as any. Support is not extended to iPhone 3GS + 4.

Evolution: Battle for Uforia

Evolution: Battle for Uforia

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