Flappy Bird with 2048: Flappy48 is a game changer

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Does combining one incredibly viral game with another incredibly viral give you an insanely addictive game? In a word, yes. We first became aware of Flappy48 from an article over at CNET describing the existence of possibly the most viral mashup game of all time.

Sreenshot by Michelle Star/CNET Australia

Hailed by some as a masterpiece, Flappy48 is a viral crossover “that you weren’t waiting for”. Taking all the flappiness of Dong Nguyen’s Flappy Bird and adding it to the exponential greatness of Gabriele Cirulli’s 2048 (itself inspired by Sirvo’s Threes!), Flappy48 creates a user experience that could halt industries.

Broxxar says it is "the ultimate flapping/exponential growth crossover you haven't been waiting for"

Broxxar says it is “the ultimate flapping/exponential growth crossover you haven’t been waiting for” (Credit: Broxxar)

Gameplay: Well the above GIFs should make gameplay fairly obvious. The classic/possibly copyright infringing flappy bird along with its surrounding décor has been replaced to match the drab minimalist style of 2048. As you flap across the infinite plane you encounter numbers (exponents of 2, specifically). Should your number match the number you encounter then you can join and form the next exponent (2 encountering another 2 will join to make a 4, 4 and 4 will make 8 and so on). However, should the number not match the oncoming number then it is added to what is essentially a stack of numbers that pop off when they find a matching number next to them.

The game is a programmers dream and you can try it for yourself here however you will need to have Unity player installed and lots of lots of time. This game revolutionises time wasting, who knows maybe someone else one day will make another cross over of two other viral games and then we can just wait for a new bright spark to try and merge those two together. We cannot wait.

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