New Bots Added to the Next Beta Phase of the Transformers Universe

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Transformers Universe

 Considerable time has gone by since the announcement in 2011. Nevertheless, Jagex is slowly approaching the release of the Online Game Transformers Universe. In keeping with the next instalment of beta testing on April 8 you get two new bots in the test version of Transformers Universe . CATAPULT is added on the side of the Autobots. With the coolness of a western gun-slinger Catapult moves through the shadows and knows how to read the side wind like a circling hawk. Watch Catapult position herself with her Bolt Strike gun and lock on her sniper rifle allowing further distance from her target before firing. One after another her aggress fall in the stirred up dust. After the video we find out very little more aside from the fact that she “scratches from the hip”.

And now for the balancer for the Decepticons: SHELLSHOCK joins the fray. Shellshock had never intended to go into retirement. Instead, he locked himself in his armory and waited for the moment when he would be needed again. While he was cleaning his beloved mini cannons and up to his audio sensors with ammunition, he devoted himself lovingly to his rates of fire, muzzle velocities, deduction weights and propellant charges. Such a fighting machine you do not have to ask twice to rush into battle again. Position this tool of destruction in a mid range distance from the target and see thusly how Shellshock’s bombs work.

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