New Dungeon in Dragon Nest

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Dragon Nest sets the bar for players of the highest level again significantly higher: With the desert patch for Dragon Nest the title has added the most difficult raid for the current level cap. On top of this is also a new dungeon, a new mount and a new costume set. The highlight is the desert dragon’s nest. Five to eight players who rise to the challenge and make their way through three sections with seven deadly boss monsters to fight, only to face the most devastating dragon which they have ever had to face. Create level-60 players to kill the desert dragon Jakard, get to this part of the unique desert dragon sets and for all players who are in the celestial port get a 1-hour buff out.

Although the new nest has been the most challenging, even without gameplay changes, the desert dragon nest has - exclusively for this, nest a cap on the maximum possible damage.Once a certain amount of buffs is reached, the damage can not be increased further by equipment bonuses and the ticks of spells that cause damage over time are limited to a maximum number.

Based on the last patch, Publisher SDGI now opens the doors of the Rosa Dungeons and Jasmine’s Tel army penetrates deeper into the hallowed ground of Tel pink and the Arnute Gorge and the Occupied temple. After last month the talisman slots were unlocked, Dragon Nest Europe now makes it possible to produce high grade Talismans from Talisman fragments and essences of daily tasks.

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Dragon Nest Europe

This month there is also on one of the of player pages one of the hottest Cash Shop Updates so far: Players of Dragon Nest Europe can now through the purchase of special vouchers unlock a second active talent tree for their characters, which is especially for players who are equally PvP Play as PvE content, is essential. Furthermore, there is now a Frost Dire Wolf in the deluxe chest and a new costume set, new earrings are also available directly from the Cash Shop.

More about Dragon Nest Europe can be found on under and on Facebook.

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