New Eve: True Stories Graphic Novel

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CCP Games and Dark Horse have another edition of their published graphic novel “Eve: True Stories”. This is based on the “EVE Online” characters on “Eve: True Stories” website adventures. Inspired by true events of the players, issues 3 of “Eve: True Stories Thieves Among Us” the continuation of one of the most gripping video game stories of the past decade and as a free download on Dark Horse Digital or by Dark Horse Digital Android and iOS apps are available.


The author is the legendary Daniel Way (“Wolverine: Origins” and “Deadpool”). The artwork is submitted by Frederico Dallocchio (“Batman: Arkham Unhinged”, “Suicide Squad”) and the cover by CCP Art Director Borkur Eiriksson. Issue 3 is the penultimate chapter of the “Thieves Among Us” story. The story comes to its climactic finale in issue 4, on the 2 April 2014 and appears as a free download from Dark Horse Digital. All four editions of the story of lies and deception that stretch across the entire EVE universe, is available in a hardcover edition of Dark Horse Comics from the 4 June 2014 to buy.

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