New Game From Clash of Clans Developer, Boom Beach. Reviewed!

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The Clash of Clans developer Supercell published a new title yesterday: Boom Beach is available for iPhone and iPads. Enjoying a successful worldwide release on March 26th, the game is “exclusively available on the App Store”, Supercell itself has not commented on the matter. We gave the game a go on an iPod Air installed with iOS 7.1!

Build base, harvest resources, recruit troops

The gameplay of is not really anything new, yet it is has a big enough fun factor. You start with a base on an island with a headquarters and buildings for gold and lumber production readily available on Level 1. In the tutorial, your first mission is to resist the attack of a virtual opponent whose uniform is suspiciously like the Prussian General’s from 1914.

General Paul von Hindenburg, defender of Prussia brought out of retirement during WWI. Invader of Boom Beach during a player’s leisure time.

If that attack is defended then your are lead through to continue the tutorial recruiting troops and sending them out to a landing ship.

Island Hopping: Land, Conquer, Cash-in.

On a map you can select the islands to be concuered, prepare the attack with a gunboat and your guys to breach the beach. Ideally, you have already sorted the defenses (Defence towers or later with mortars, flame throwers, machine-gun nests and mines) or at least weakened them enough to finish with your infantry. For each conquest there is experience, gold and wood to be gained. The conquered territory given to you in the course is nicely supplied with resources and contributes to the overall prosperity of your nation allowing you to gain additional troops and improvements to your buildings. These constructions of course cost time and can, as in almost any ‘freemium’ game with diamonds, cost money. Diamonds are available for purchase enabling you to build what you want quicker.

Boom Beach: The in-game currency

Which brings us to brass-tax. The available packages we found in the German app store are as follows:

500 diamonds for 4.49
1200 diamonds for 8,99
2500 diamonds for 17.99
6500 diamonds for 44.99
14000 diamonds for 89.99

The recommended package is of course the larger package, we got up to level 8 without buying much. With increasing difficulty the curve is likely to change rapidly. Even the immeiate levelling up of the headquarters to level 3 took 17 diamonds.

Conclusion: Great Graphics, the tried and true game concept is proven strong once again

It was not expected that Supercell would provide a weak title. Boom Beach is fun, at least until level 15-16 without buying any diamonds. It looks like it’s going to be another hit riding off the back the marketing push on iTunes after Clash of Clans.

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