New Map for Combat Arms

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For supporters of Combat Arms there is a special Easter Egg for you! Based on something from the LithTech engine shooter gets a new map: Crystal Power. This was chosen from a survey among users with 43%. Crystal Power accesses the anti-terror fight in the game.

In the business center of the city there are a number of banks and financial institutions, one of which was occupied by a group of armed men. No one knows exactly who they are, but in the building they gained access to the server and the national economy could plunge into chaos. Since the doors are heavily guarded by the terrorists, the soldiers of Combat Arms have only one way in – they need to be shot over the bridges which connect the skyscrapers, giving them an entry to the building.

Combat Arms

This new map “Crystal Tower” was designed to ensure nerve-wracking fights. Thanks to the dizzying heights, destructible surfaces, action on various levels and great opportunities for both exciting sniper duels as well as hard combats, “Crystal Tower” combines the most popular elements of the online shooter in a map. There are several routes to the bridges, such as the roof, the Tower Bridge and the ventilation shafts – here different tactics and fighting styles are required.

Publisher Nexon Europe has 2013 registered a drop in sales of around 20%. The focus of the efforts is this year the consolidation and development of new games to finally others playing in Europe a dominant role (In the report, the European subsidiary found under “Further notes” now as ever before deserve the most money in Asia. An important role alongside the established tracks a few days ago announced by United Eleven .

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