New Screenshots from World of Speed

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World of Speed ​​will be released this year, WoS is an online racing game on AAA level, or at least so the developers promise from Slightly Mad Studios. We are promised a massively multiplayer online arcade racing game in which players can race in real cities, including London, Moscow and Monaco. The Twitter feed of developers who also still working on another project called “Project Cars” also cropped up: Screenshots from the F1 Circuit at Silverstone.

Released New World of Speed ​​Screenshots

Today, developers have released new screenshots. Allow us to show you the WOS version of a BMW 135i.Thanks to the Madness engine already used in Shift 2 Unleashed, the material for this online title looks extremely good.


Of interest is the context of the statements given by Creative Director Andy Tudor, who has expressed early April World of Speed ​​will indeed be free, but not a Free2Play game.

It’s not free-to-play, it’s free. It’s very obvious when you start putting walls into your game that require people to pay money to get over. I don’t know why games do it; we’re certainly not going to do that, ever. It’s also annoying when another player gets an advantage because they’ve put money into the game.

In this respect, we wonder how the title should be monetized instead. Put it this way - if it’s not a subscription model what will follow? Extra cars, race courses? These things would exactly label WoS a Free2Play game. If so then we are already excited for the impending shitstorm :)

world of speed bmw 135i

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