New Update to Aura Kingdom: Dark Legion

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The folks at Aeria Games have a present for all Aura Kingdom players. The newest update caters to players over level 60 with Vulture’s Vale, a city of ruins that is slowly being overtaken by jungle creep is now available for those who have the experience. In the vale you can complete daily quest which can earn you valuable badges and expeience. The Vale is guarded by one World Boss who appears at differentl locations on the map. Dragon Points and other cool items can be gained by those who are able to subdue the boss!

As well as the addition of Vulture’s Vale the town built on perma-frost Blizzard Berg has also uncovered a World Boss that offers even more chances for players in need to earn some experiece, cool stuff and a bit of an adventure.

Another(!) dungeon call the Landing of the Sky Dragon King has been added. Level 65+ players are allowed to enter the dungeon in groups of 5 and face a series of three different bosses before reaching the eponimous Sky Dragon King himself for the final dual (as always cash and experience abounds).

Additional improvements include a better weapons system as well as a buddy system that helps you defeat monsters faster and gain intimacy points which let you earn other types of cool things. All the information about the update can be found at the official teaser page while you can keep up with all things Aura Kingdom on their facebook page


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