Quit Your Job, Leave Your Family: A New Civilization Game Is Coming!

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Firaxis has announced at this year’s PAX East in Boston a new addition the Civilization series. Civilization: Beyond Earth builds up where the previous titles usually in the case of a technology victory ended: The discovery of a new home for humanity. The story: lack of resources and wars have led to the collapse of modern society and made the earth uninhabitable. Thus new planets have been discovered and colonized, and the nation of the player must construct similarly as in accordance with the previous titles.

Here, the research part of the game is less linear than before, and significantly more complex. New is the introduction of military, economic and scientific satellites that support the development of your nation in these areas. Instead of the usual barbarians, we are probably going to be faced in Beyond Earth by aliens. A multiplayer part with up to 8 players per round was also announced as well as mod support. Civ Beyond Earth appears in the fall 2014 – starting on PC.

civilization beyond earth

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