RF Online 1.5 is Done

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As we had already suspected on the weekend , now confirmation has come from the RF Online Community Team that Version 1.5 of the Sci-Fi MMO will be replaced by the previous version 1.0.The developers of CCR clearly could not fix the bugs in the new version that may have rectified the situation. The response of the community is – as expected – not ecstatic.

The Facts: As of 3 April is the cash shop will be disabled, 28 April they will shutdown the server at midnight. RF 1.5 players have been offered a semi refund on the 1.0 server to migrate to “Nexus” to start the adventure all over again with a Starter Pack. The restrictions read, however, not so customer-friendly:

- Logged into RF Online 1.5 at least once in between March 1st and March 31st.
- Created a character in RF Online 1.0 before the request (April 28th at the latest).
- Highest level character on the 1.5 server must be at least level 40
- The rewards will be after the 1.5 server shuts down.
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