RuneScape Easter Event

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Who ever stood in on a games conference with a representative from the Runescape developer house Jagex at the bar knows who he’s going to be mixing with: They’re crazy folks over there. So it does not surprise us at all that our British cousins ​​for the Runescape Easter event forego the traditional deco and instead hold a “cabbage and monkeys” party to celebrate.


The focus is on Brassica Prime, god of cabbages and lover of all things delicious. His opposition is Marimbo, the matron goddess of monkeys. About 100,000 Runescape players voted, 66% wanted cabbages and monkeys. The bonanza takes place on an arena with two defined end zones. Those who make it to the other side, overcoming the obstacles in the way runs receives points that can be converted into bonus XP and Berserker brands. The cabbage-face-punch bonanza starts this week and continues until April 25. By the way, she is also very strong contender for the title of the year 2014.

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