And on the Seventh Day, He Created WoT V 9.0

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World of Tanks goes in to Version 9.0 and might mark a return to the times when 60% of my former colleagues in the office would play WoT incessantly. The new update served up before the Easter break means veteran commanders as well as young recruits can experience one of the richest gaming experiences since the title was released: New game mode, graphics improvements and bug fixes. Sit tight while we go into detail.

World of Tanks 9.0

New WoT Game Mode: Historical battles

What I personally wished for over the last three years is now a reality: Past battles. The new mode includes The Battle of Kursk (Operation Citadel), the Balaton Offensive in Hungary in ’45, as well as the more famous Battle of the Bulge. In this game mode can only be used vehicles that were actually used in those battles. You’ll probably encounter therfeore no T-59. Restriction: You can play the mode only if the corresponding chariots are also in your garage. To this end, the vehicles and the historical configuration that adapt as you do, you can make your own achievements only for this mode and as a highlight the introduction of three new models:

  • Tier 3: Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf A, medium tank
  • Tier 4: Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf D, medium tanks of the stage IV
  • Tier 4: StuG III Ausf B, Jagdpanzer Stage IV

Classification of these historical battles, however, has surprised us, because the version A of the Panzer IV corresponds historically been more the 37/38 built prototypes, model D is also just before and after the beginning of the Polish campaign. Also, the StuG III was built in version B but was developed only until May ’41 so you’ll have to upgrade before Operation Barbarossa. We figure that the new vehicles were originally planned for other historical battles that come in a later update (Disclaimer: The author is a WoT Purist, History Nerd and incorrigible in all of these types of thigns)

World of Tanks 9.0

Graphics Update: New textures, new gloss

9 vehicles have been revised, including Tiger, Panther, M18 Hellcat, Sherman and the T34-85 and now have better, high-resolution textures and 3D models.

Revised maps

Also several maps were subjected to a revision in terms of design and balance. Specifically, moving to the coast, Malinowka, Pearl River and Sewerogorsk.

The full list of changes you will find in the patch notes for version 9.0 . We tried with a Play on Mac, praying that the ventilation of a Macbook Air will hold up  tomorrow. Already a few days before the game was ported for Xbox 360 updated to the new version 1.1.

WoT 9.0 Trailer:

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