Study: DOTA 2 is the Most Successful Title on Steam

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The fact Steam is dominating the market for digital game distribution is not really news. A large part of all of us know that their customers are regularly rotating the Steam Sales (and only a fraction of the games we buy there also install) as well. Thus, the study of Steam ArsTechnica - celebrates (at least for some people) the Steam sales and the success of DOTA 2 as a game.

dota 2

Unsurprisingly, Valve’s own titles such as DOTA 2, Team Fortress 2, etc. lead. In addition, the method uncovers evidence of the sale of at least some some information about Developers (EA has sold 1.4 million copies of Sims 3 2009 by its own account, according to the study, there were only 465,000). 781 million games were registered at the time of publication on Steam, though 10.7 million players have Half Life 2: Low Coast, but only 2.1 million have ever played it since March 2009. A bunch of numbers, presumably interesting and part of our Reading tip to the long Easter weekend.

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