Sunday Hints: Boom Beach Gunboats!

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One of the most essential elements in Supercell’s newest titles Boom Beach is the gunboat. Without this each maritime landing operation is doomed to failure, especially since we have no air support as a game element in boom Beach without artillery preparation.The gunboat in boom Beach counters the classical military history defences like machine-gun nests, shooting ranges and other permanent buildings or weakens them at least, so that you can invade safe from major problems with your Marines, Bazooka Girls and Tanks.

booming beach gunboat

Here, the damage done by gunboats depends on two factors. As each shot consumes energy. Normal shots may be enough in the beginning levels but with increasing playing time and after the enemy is able to produce more solid structures with increased hitpoints, more will be needed . Ergo you’ll need more shots which means more time leaving your gunboat vulnerable to attack.

The second factor is the damage caused by the type of shells used. Here you have two options in Boom Beach. Initially, the usual grenades are available and later, the barrage – a combination of several shells that are delivered over a large area allowing better splash damage. The combined effect of both options can be enhanced in the arsenal. For the individual shells we have a total of 20 levels for the barrage 16

booming beach gunboat

The research for gunboats is – as in any comparable title also – relatively time-and resource-intensive, Level 20 took more than 2 days. However, if you want to advance into the top regions of Boom Beach, you will not get around without an intensive improvement of the gunboat and its ammunition.

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