Therian Saga now in English Open Beta [Trailer]

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Enjoying mild success in Canada and Europe. Therian Saga has now opened its servers to English speaking players for the first time since its release in 2013 with the announcement of an open beta. Developed by the Virtys team, Therian Saga is not your typical role-playing game. Taking a tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor type of attitude to gameplay the RPG tries to provide a wide range of experiences for players  (screenshots and trailer after the jump).



You assign tasks to heroes who then complete them throughout the day, you can plan their whole day by creating a list of actions to be completed. The heroes will then work on these taks regardless of whether you are online or not. Which is handy for the casual pass-the-time gamer. As you progress in the game, your heroes, along with their companions will have to build, mine, explore and defend an empire. Each hero will possess a specialty skill that is selected at the start of their existence and can be built upon by completing tasks that require that skill. The interesting appeal in this game comes from he complex customisation system given allowing an arsenal of weapons, a wardrobe of clothes and a suite of armour amongst other objects to be created by your heroes.

The game mechanics vary widely depending on what you are doing, this allows for a very engaging experience that keeps the game from becoming monotonous during plays. You can register for the game here and enjoy the beta’s grand opening!

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