Twitch Breaks Broadcasting Record on XBox One

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Twitch has broken the record for most minutes watched on a console app’s launch. For those who still do not know Twitch is a videogame broadcasting company that has now started creating apps for game consoles that allows live broadcast streams of a player’s game.


The Xbox One Twitchapp was released on March 13 and since then players have already clocked 23 million minutes of broadcast time, 2.7 million of which were clocked between the 10th and 11th of March, which is the highest figure for a videogame broadcasting app to do  in its first day. Another interesting fact is that 30% of users who have been downloaded the Twitch app used the Xbox One version the same day that the application was launched.

The 2.7 million minutes were clocked by 108,000 users who had used the application, which is 22% of the users using Twitch in that period. This means the average duration of broadcasts was 28 minutes or around one regular TV episode per person.

The game most broadcast was “Titanfall”, with a around 10 million minutes of broadcast time by users to date.

Great news for Microsoft and Xbox One If any of you have participated in these records of numbers using Twitch, Write a comment telling us what you think of this app.

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