Unfortunately Not Cool: Red Bull Racers on iOS and Android Misses its Mark

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Imagine being in a position where failure is a near-impossibility. A racing game with an official Carrera license and thus millions of potential users, most of whom would have had their own in the 80s and 90s a corresponding Carrera track. First reaction: Cool. the app became available on the iPad Air which, one would assume, meant this juggernaught-backed app was in pole position ready to hit the gas.

Second feeling: Disillusionment. We tested the app an iPad with iOS 7.1 installed and experienced two crashes (the app, not the racing cars), some catastrophic usability in regards to controlling the car and to top it all off, were told we should also spend money in an already fully branded version of the Red Bull advertising game for some add-ons? Ok, so maybe the Carrera license carved a hole in the marketing budget. The main problem is the accelerator’s gesture control. Constant contact with the screen is required by your thumb at all times to ease the gas on and off. Consequently, there’s no chance here to come anywhere close to the required speed. The absolute highlight: Despite being connected to the mains we lost 2% battery charge after 10 minutes of playing time. WTF? We have saved the Android test, who wants to try it anyway can find it on Google Play.


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