United Eleven: New Browser Soccer Manager Game Announced

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Whether Online Soccer Manager, TopEleven or Goal United – Europe has always been happy to cater to gamers with a football background. Up until now though such games never had valid player licenses and fancy names of players and clubs were chosen over their official counterparts. The reason for this is simple: licenses in this field are extremely expensive and apart from the EA Sports FIFA  series and other huge titles official name licenses are not an option for smaller publishers. Now comes a new manager game with United Eleven, whose publisher, Nexon Europe, have dared to go where previously only EA and a handful of other publishers have gone before. This movement is a good step forward for the publisher and  is likely to keep things moving in the market.


Players can in the Nexon-announced title select their team and manage from around 50,000 real professional footballers. Here, you can make transfers, improve tactics and training and thus create the next Bayern. The browser-based titles will be playable on mobile devices and is translated into 8 languages. The beta is scheduled to begin on May 15

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