The Universim or: How I learned to stop worrying and love being a God

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Yesterday we learned the existence of The UniverSIM thanks to an article on Kotaku . It’s an interesting idea and has its own game page on Kickstarter if you’d like to get yourself a piece of its sweet god mode action.


If you ever enjoyed playing Populous or Black&White then you will know what it means to be a god in a game like this. You control all the land, water, stock your worshipers, etc but in The UniverSIM the idea is different , here it’s advantageous to act more subtly. Subtlety?? In this game you can not interact directly with humans living beneath you. The way you interact with them is to “influence” their decision and change the way they evolve. This way you can decide which technology path will continue, thereby changing their future. Of course this will lead to unpredictable situations difficult to foresee in this game and impossible to see in other games of this type that gives freshness to the look’n’feel of this game.

the UniverSIM


Civilization begins in the Stone Age and (pending its survival) will evolve to colonise new worlds, the god (the player) will have a big say in how they progress through evolution and some factors will play more important roles than others depending on the era.

The clearest way to see how the society has evolved is through the buildings which will change out at various stages in the game and gradually increase in size around each city’s epicenter, which is the heart of each city in the game.

Artificial intelligence is responsible for building cities around the epicenter and the player can select where this epicenter is placed.

The weather will aid or hinder the population growth, a desert is not a good place for the population to grow, y’know.

Resources are very important to create new technologies, expand the empire and investigate lifesaving inventions of interest to the civilization. As the game continues the need to be able to perform intergalactic exploration increases, as over time, resources begin to dwindle on the home planet.


the UniverSIM

Exploring other planets reveals worlds with different climatic and environmental conditions in them.
Therefore analysis is required to find the best way to get resources and plan the best development of epicentres and prevent the death of our two-legged beings who do not know us but feel our influence constantly. The study of the planets will be important, because if there is not enough food reserves and the winter in the alien planet lasts 6 months, then lower chances of population survival are to be expected.


In The UniverSIM there’s countless dynamic events that may ultimately destroy our little friends. Natural disasters, alien visitors with long probes in their hands (so you’d better not walk at night in the forest alone if you see lights in the air), disease, war, famine, riots and thousands of other beautiful things that can happen to your civilization at any time and ruin all that ‘progress’ made.

It is the God’s duty to try to help them overcome these “mishaps” successfully. Whenever the will of god is not obeyed anger can be rained down upon the civilization like any good god fearing person’s wet dream.

The development team is planning to have up to 12 different viruses in the game so people are going to have a great distributing vaccines and scarves among the population.


This is a feature that we found very interesting. The player will be informed of important events in the game but through the release of funny stories in a news update style. Players will periodically be allowed to write such stories and share them with other players, these will of course be moderated, because we know how gamers are when they set about making up names and stories ….

You can even build on a story based mission which will let you play all you want. This way each time you play with the “editor” of the story based game, there will always be new content to be played.


No. It is clearly stated on the web in kickstarter will not charge anything for DLCs come out after the game and everyone will go free .


This game looks very good and if Donate some money to help you can take from a digital copy of the game you are donating at least $ 20 for an award to an expense-paid trip to the party game launch in California if dais are the maximum $ 10,000. Of course the minimum donation is $ 1.

This project is a huge undertaking and the developers have set goal to raise $ 320,000 and with 25 days to finish the collections have already raised $ 88,005.

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