World of Tanks: iPad Version now in Closed Beta

0 Flares 0 Flares × is increasingly moving towards the mobile and has announced a closed beta of “World of Tanks Blitz”, a version of the super-title for iOS and iPad. As of March 25 you can apply with your wargaming account on to sign up. The biggest challenge for the developer may be the control of the tank, especially when the target detection lag in similar titles lie “Battle of Revo” games is so massively behind. The number of possible opponents allowed in the “World of Tanks” flash beta for the time being is lower than in the desktop version, here playing 7 against 7. The closed beta testers will have access to a stock of over 100 steel colossi from the U.S., Germany and the USSR from the start. The tanks are composed of light, medium and heavy varieties as well of course tank destroyers.

According to Wargaming the closed beta of “World of Tanks Blitz” will be available on the newer iPad generations. Versions for Android and iOS smartphone will be added in the coming months. To compare screen shots to the original version is of course unfair: Anti-aliasing, shadows etc. can be run on a tablet but not nearly as fast as a high-end PC. The textures, however, are strongly similar to the original as well as the fighting vehicles and armour used. The use of a relatively old iPad will suffice to play the game. Anyway: Fantastic news for fans and casual players looking to escape the mediocrity of playing with Blubbles, Jellies, farms and other colourful lapses of taste.

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