World of Tanks Update for the Xbox 360

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World of Tanks is arguably the most successful port of a Free2Play online game for XBOX. 2 months after its release the first update of the Xbox 360 edition of World of Tanks has come out .The free download is available when you log into your Xbox Live account. The update (version number 1.1) includes with the sky village - already known from the PC version, five other medium battle tanks for the British, as well as the adaptation of the famous crew system.

world of tanks xbox

The tanks mid-tier models are the Cromwell, Comet, Centurion I, Centurion 7/1, and the FV 4202nd. The crew system is also already known from the PC version. With the crew system you can level up and consequently benefit from characteristics development and performance improvement in the game as one of the tank commander, driver, shooter and gun loader.

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